Community Groups purpose is to provide a place for real friendship, real growth, and real encouragement as we continue taking steps in our Christian Life.

Real Friendship

Community Groups provide a safe, loving environment where all people are loved and accepted. Community Groups provide a place where you can meet other people and build lasting friendships. These friendships go beyond mere small talk and surface issues. They are relationships that provide acceptance, care, fun, and support for going through life. We all desire to take our mask off and be accepted. Community Groups is where that happens.

Real Growth

Growth has more to do with becoming more like Jesus. Everyone wants to become a better person. We cannot do this on our own. The Christian life is not to be lived in isolation. A community group is a place where you can meet with a small group of people (6-14 people) who are growing together in friendship, spiritual understanding, and living faith together. Through bible study, prayer, and real friendship you will grow closer to Jesus.

Real Encouragement

Community Group is a place where people can be transparent with each other about their struggles, failures, and needs. Hebrews 3:12-13 tells us to encourage one another daily. Encouraging means to build up and root one another in Christian life! Encourage also means to speak truth into your friend’s lives and provide true encouragement as we go through life together.


Jesus met with 12 men regularly and those 12 men shared struggles, meals, parties, pain, and did amazing things in the kingdom of God. At NLCC we want you to continue growing in your relationship with Jesus. We know that will not happen only through a Sunday morning experience. We want to make sure you’re surrounded by loving Christians as we follow Christ together. The disciples experienced friendship, growth, and encouragement which led to live the life that Jesus invites us to experience.

Have you ever felt alone in a crowd?… so many people, so much activity, but no real life changing connection, and no real place to fit in. Imagine experiencing real friendship, real growth, real encouragement… and real life change. We believe at NLCC that you desire real friendships and yearn to connect with your Savior Jesus Christ. We believe that the best way for you to grow and connect to Jesus is through Community Groups.

test drive

Our greatest needs currently are:

Guest Services

Children’s Ministry



We are excited about having you start playing on the team here at NLCC.

God has created us with gifts, abilities, passions, and when we come together as individuals to serve the mission of Christ in His church amazing life changing things start to happen.

Test Drive was created to help you find the right place to serve. We know that serving in a new place can be scary and so we are committed to encouraging and equipping you to serve where God is leading.

More will be added to this page soon. But for now if you are interested in test driving a ministry email Tim Stewart, Ben Webb, Jody Healey or Chris Fleck


What MOMS has provided for me… is a welcome break; a chance to make new friends; the opportunity to know I’m not the only mom who goes through the struggles and joys of raising young children…

1st & 3rd Thursdays each month 9- 11 am

North Liberty Church of Christ Student Center

Childcare is provided!

For more information please email Jodi or call 574-656-3924.

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