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Susie Ross

A HUGE PRAISE ... I received a text from Tammy Pairitz yesterday ... Her daughter-in-law, Wendi, was taking her three sons (Jon & Tammy's grandsons) on a walk. Two of the boys, ages 2 & 3 were in a double stroller ... the third one, age 8 months was strapped to her. As they walked, a pick up truck jumped the curb - ran over the curb. Wendi was able to push the stroller forward and the boys flew out of it just before the truck hit the stroller ... the stroller is a mangled mess (she sent me a picture!). Wendi is sore today, as she was knocked down and scraped up ... but otherwise everyone is safe. Talk about miraculous divine intervention ... we praise God with this family! Tammy said that every time she thinks about it she is on the verge of tears ... I get it!

Received: August 28, 2018

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